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E Power Adapters

AC/AC adapters, AC/DC adapters, Trickle Battery Chargers
UL/cUL/CE/TUV/BSI .. approvals



E Switching Mode Power Supply

Switching Mode Adapters, Electronic Power Adapters, Fast Battery Chargers
90-260Vac 50/60Hz UL/cUL/CE/TUV/BSI .. approvals


E USB Charger

Switching Mode Charger with USB output from 1A to 2.5A.
USB with 1,2 or 4 outputs available, AC input plug with fixed, flexible and exchangeable plugs available.

E Power Transformer, High Frequency Devices

Lamination Cores from EI-24 to EI-190
Ferrite Cores with different shapes EE, EI, EER, SMT, Pot cores, ..etc
Applicable for high-frequency EMC filters, trigger transformers
Ferrite core shapes with EI/ EE/ EER/ UU/ CI/ EC/..etc
SMT types available

E Audio Transformers

Core sizes from EI-14 to EI-57
Applicable for Voice coupling and Modem transmmission


E Inductor, Choke, Toroids

Cylindrical Coils, Air Coils, Drum Coils, Bead Inductors, UU/UI Line Filters, Common Mode, Normal Mode, Toroidal Transformers



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